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Marketing Intelligence Activated

How ADintel Works?

Marketing is implementation of strategies driven by campaigns.
With every campaign attribute analysed, we uncover hidden insights and offer optimisation strategy advice that maximise your marketing returns.

AI Powered Strategy Analytics

1. Detection

Identify campaigns and process its attributes for analysis

2. Valuation

Calculate campaign value earned and uncover hidden insights

3. Optimisation

Advise optimisation strategy and offer personalised best practice

4. Projection

Segment potential customers and nurture brand advocates

1. Campaign Detection

Getting your marketing performance assessed at ADintel is easy. Simply connect your social media profile with us. Our AI Analytics will identify marketing campaigns for you to confirm and assign campaign objectives with marketing key results. Next, we will compute campaign value earned and provide strategy advice that steps up your marketing game.


Hussle-free yet diligent campaign strategy evaluation


Most sought-after solution in improving marketing performance


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2. Campaign Valuation

After campaign attributes are confirmed, we will consolidate and process various performance metrics. By referencing your regular performance, our AI Analytics will compute the value earned by your campaigns. Converting performance metrics into monetary value not only allows us to assess campaign performance with a standardised measurement, but also serves as a foundation for further analysis of your campaign strategy in the next stage.


Monetised value to measure your campaign performance


Standardised comparison among campaigns to uncover hidden insights


Lifetime FREE access to Campaign Valuation

3. Strategy Optimisation

Regarding different campaign objectives and marketing key results, the effectiveness of your strategy is evaluated with the campaign value earned and respective KPIs. Our AI Analytics will dive deep into your campaign attributes and performance data to find the causal relations between your strategies and returns. So that we can tailor optimisation strategy advice that fit your business needs, and provide you customised best practice insights to maximise returns.


Optimisation strategy advice for specific marketing objective and key results


No one-size-fits-all best practice! Get personalised insights to improve performance


Subscribable feature for early adopters as priority MEMBERS

4. Customer Projection

Simply select the types of customers you wanted to acquire, we will segment and build profiles of your audience. By projecting the growth potentials of your customer groups, our AI Analytics will suggest new target groups to grow or existing customers to further engage with actionable advice provided. Furthermore, we will identify profiles of your loyal fans and offer tactics to nurture them as brand advocates.


Suggest high potential customer groups to further engage


Identify loyal fans and offer tips to nurture them to become brand advocate


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Marketing Strategy Analytics

Get Customised Insights for Your Business

AI Driven Marketing Research Analytics

Step Up Your Marketing Game with ADintel

ADintel revolutionises how to unlock Marketing Intelligence with AI technology. We assist businesses embracing MarTech and taking control of their data to make informed marketing decisions.

ADintel is a graduate company of Estonia’s Tehnopol Startup Incubator.