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Marketing Research Analytics

All-in-One Marketing Interview Solution: Unleash the Power of Customer Feedback for Deeper Business Intelligence

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What We Do

AI-Powered Marketing Research Suite

Transforming the entire process of marketing research – preparation, implementation, and evaluation, our solution leverages AI’s versatile powers to unlock an unparalleled level of customer insights.

AI Consultant-Plan

1. Plan

Embark on a streamlined marketing research journey with AI Consultant, your resourceful and proactive guide to navigating the complexities of research planning and execution.

From defining clear objectives to crafting insightful interview questions, AI Consultant collaborates closely with you to develop an effective plan, eliminating guesswork and ensuring precision and robustness.

AI Moderator-Interview

2. Interview

Transform customer interviews into insights harvesting with AI Moderator, skillfully capturing both measurable data points as well as rich and nuanced customer feedback through natural, human-like conversations.

Seamlessly adapting to the evolving context, AI Moderator thoroughly probes for in-depth, authentic feedback and assimilates customer responses to ask insightful follow-up questions in an engaging discussion.

AI Analyst-Insights

3. Analysis

Unveil the hidden depths of customer sentiment with AI Analyst, who masterfully decipher the intricate patterns and trends within the vast amount of qualitative data with precision and depth.

Tailored to your specific goals and objectives, AI Analyst translates insights into actionable recommendations that guide your marketing and business strategies and shape your future research endeavours.

How It Works

Harness AI for Unmatched Productivity

With its depth of knowledge, adaptability to human interactions, and pattern recognition abilities, our AI solution propels your marketing research to new heights of effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy.

AI Consultant-Streamline Research Planning

Streamlined Research Planning

Confidently navigate the intricacies of marketing research with ease using our AI Consultant. Whether to undertake new product research or assess customer satisfaction, AI Consultant excels in diverse research types, methodologies, and interview techniques. Providing you with meticulous guidance throughout the planning process, guarantees both precision and robustness, and empowers your research endeavours to generate impactful insights that drive informed decision-making.

Intelligent Guidance & Contextual Customisation

From setting clear objectives to pinpointing research gaps, AI Consultant takes a thorough and tailored approach to develop your research plan. Besides suggesting ideas and crafting question lists, it actively engages you in collaborative conversations to refine the plan, ensuring alignment with your specific needs and goals. This streamlined process offers you the flexibility to provide feedback or make edits as needed, making research planning effortless.

Harnessing the capabilities of the Generative AI (GenAI), AI Consultant precisely extracts and integrates relevant contextual details from your brand assets, such as product offerings and marketing messaging, ensuring a consistent brand voice throughout the interview process. Before launching your research, utilise the Test-Run feature for a final review, and save your perfected plans as templates for future use.

Moderated Customer Interviews

Elevate your customer interviews with our AI Moderator, a transformative alternative to the traditional human-led method. AI Moderator adaptably leads customers through a dual-phase interview process — starting with a structured Survey and then transitioning into an in-depth, engaging Discussion. This two-pronged approach not only gathers precise, measurable data but also extracts detailed, nuanced feedback by leveraging the natural flow and depth of human-like interactions.

Dynamic Interactions & Insightful Discussions

Operating in a controlled yet flexible manner, AI Moderator actively adapts to the current context by assimilating customer feedback to craft insightful follow-up questions that unearth more nuanced and detailed insights. Guided by a deep understanding of your research objectives, it ensures interviews remain focused and on track, resulting in a more effective and comprehensive data collection process.

Armed with rigorous Large Language Model (LLM) training, our AI Moderator stands out in context-rich conversations, creating an interactive and encouraging environment. This enables it to steer discussions seamlessly, skillfully probe for answers and consistently extract rich and authentic feedback. Each interaction transcends being a mere data point; it plays a pivotal role in building a thorough and insightful understanding of your customers.

AI Moderator-Moderated Customer Interviews
AI Analyst-Insightful Data Analysis

Insightful Data Analysis

Leveraging the prowess of the fine-tuned LLM, our AI Analyst surpasses human limits, deftly performing semantic analysis and interpreting qualitative data with unparalleled scale and accuracy. Its research reports not only unveil invaluable contextual insights but also offer evidence-backed advice, empowering you to unlock the full potential of customer profiling through advanced sentiment analysis.

Data-driven Insights & Actionable Advices

With a focus on your specific goals and objectives, AI Analyst thoroughly delves into vast data repositories, extracting insightful findings that uncover hidden sentiments, patterns, and trends, transforming raw data into actionable insights. These nuanced discoveries enrich your customer profiles, delivering a profound understanding of user needs and preferences. The insights are accompanied by detailed interpretations and explanations, ensuring the valuable report is easy to digest.

Going beyond data analysis, AI Analyst recommends data-backed, actionable next steps, sparking conversations with you to ignite inspiration and paving the way for the next phases of marketing research and testing. This evidence-driven approach empowers you to gain deeper customer insights, identify emerging market trends, enhance product offerings, and make strategic marketing and business decisions with a customer-centric focus.

Why It Works

Elevate AI Prowess with Human Expertise

Nurtured by domain knowledge and guided by human values, our Generative AI (GenAI) reaches unprecedented depth and precision while upholding responsible AI practices.

GenAI: Comprehensive Approach to Large Language Models (LLMs) Training

Domain-specific Instruction Tuning

Instruction Tuning

Through a comprehensive range of data sources, such as marketing journals, industry reports, customer reviews, and research studies, this domain-specific training technique effectively instils LLMs with specialised knowledge and capabilities to tackle complex and multifaceted challenges within the marketing and research landscape.

The training regimen integrates a combination of precise instructions and carefully curated examples, from common scenarios to unique use cases, ensuring LLMs receive the guidance and context necessary to achieve exceptional performance in intricate tasks and demonstrate precision and adaptability to the diverse demands of marketing research applications.

Human-aligned Fine Tuning

Human Aligned

LLMs, refined through human feedback on their output, achieve remarkable compatibility for human-AI interaction. Utilising Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), a powerful fine-tuning technique, LLMs undergo an iterative refinement process that involves generating, evaluating, and refining responses, effectively guiding their outputs towards our expectations and preferences.

By incorporating preference datasets with RLHF, this approach empowers LLMs to not only excel in various tasks meeting established standards but also cultivate a communication style that embodies respect, empathy, and alignment with human values. This ensures that LLMs can effectively collaborate with humans, fostering trust and enhancing the overall user experience.

Retrieval Augmented Generation

Retrieval Augmented

Enriching the knowledge base of fine-tuned LLMs requires access to a rich repository of complementary intelligence, which includes the latest market insights and industry updates tailored to specific analytical needs. This enhanced access goes beyond mere information retrieval; it empowers LLMs to engage in in-depth reasoning and analysis, leading to deeper insights and more informed decision-making.

Accessing external databases enables fine-tuned LLMs to effectively synthesise information from multiple sources, uncovering hidden patterns and trends, and generating insights that were previously beyond their reach. This seamless integration augments LLMs’ capacity to deliver more comprehensive and accurate inferences.

When To Use

Transform Your Marketing Research with GenAI

Meticulously trained on a vast array of data sources, our AI-driven solution seamlessly adapts to a wide range of marketing research applications. Explore these common use cases to discover how GenAI empowers you to make informed business decisions.

Case 1

Product Development

Customer Intelligence Use Case-Product Development


In today’s fast-paced and innovation-driven world, Tech companies strive to stay ahead of the curve by continuously innovating and bringing new products to market that meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. Market research helps companies understand customer needs and preferences, identify new market opportunities, and assess the feasibility of new product ideas.


Navigating the complexities of extensive market research demands a meticulous approach to formulate a comprehensive and robust research plan, which directly impacts the research effectiveness and efficiency, and ultimately, the validity and reliability of its insights. Failure to clearly define research objectives, pinpoint the crucial questions, and align with the company’s strategic goals can easily result in misdirected efforts and inconclusive findings.

Streamline Marketing Research Planning

AI Consultant stands as a transformative tool, from adeptly guiding companies towards well-defined research objectives to designing insightful interview questions – providing a clear roadmap for implementation. Its ability to develop targeted research plans that are tailored to the specific needs of the company ensures that every effort is directed towards yielding actionable insights that identify new market opportunities and inform decisions that fuel innovation and growth.


In the competitive e-commerce landscape, gathering and analysing customer feedback is crucial for businesses to gauge customer sentiment, uncover pain points and unmet needs, optimise marketing campaigns, and cultivate stronger customer relationships.


Traditional customer interviews can be inefficient, expensive, and prone to human biases. They often rely on closed-ended, rigid questions and inflexible formats, limiting the depth and richness of customer feedback, leading to incomplete and inaccurate data, as well as missed opportunities to uncover deeper insights.

Transcend Ordinary Data Collection

AI Moderator delves deeper into customer understanding by seamlessly blending a structured survey with an in-depth discussion. It dynamically adapts to evolving conversations, leveraging customer feedback to tailor insightful follow-up questions in real-time. Through skillfully steering the discussion, AI Moderator consistently elicits comprehensive and authentic feedback, revealing hidden insights that propel business growth and customer satisfaction.

Case 2

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Intelligence Use Case-Customer Satisfaction

Case 3

Brand Perception

Customer Intelligence Use Case-Brand Perception


In the pursuit of consumer attention, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses face a constant battle to maintain their brands’ relevance, appeal, and competitive edge. By gaining insights into how their brands are perceived by consumers and how they compare to competitors, businesses can effectively refine their brand identities, optimise marketing campaigns, and tailor product strategies to resonate more deeply with their target audience.


Quantitative metrics like impressions or brand recall only provide a surface-level understanding of brand recognition, while qualitative research methods like in-depth interviews delve into the deeper nuances of consumer perceptions – values, associations, and emotional connections. Unravelling these insights can be challenging due to the volume and complexity of the data, requiring careful interpretation and expertise.

Unlock Hidden Valuable Insights

AI Analyst’s ability to effectively process and analyse massive volumes of intricate qualitative data, such as human experiences, emotions, and perceptions, sets it apart from human analysts. It delves into the nuances of human language, including sentiment, tone, and context, uncovering hidden patterns and trends and unveiling deeper insights into customers’ thoughts, needs, and desires. AI Analyst translates these insights into actionable recommendations, guiding businesses towards opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

Marketing Research Analytics

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AI-Driven Marketing Research Analytics

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